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10 Tips to get best interior design

Dear friends such as you have read the title of this post that it is written about 9 tips of interior Design. yes, we are going to tell you the tips of interior Design for your ideas and help the tips you are going to read.it will help you when will you start your interior work to make it beautiful.whether you want to do residential or commercial but these tips will help you in both

first of all i would like to tell you one thing that interior designing and decoration is very essential and the most important part of our life nowadays. why, because it tells about space planning, color scheme, pattern, texture, lighting, contrast, Design concept and types.  all these things are backbone of the best Interior Designing and Decoration. after getting all these thing an Interior Designer, Decorator , and common Person can make the Best Interior Design For Their Aesthetic Look.  but if you are a common person then you don’t know about all these things so you can’t make Perfect Interior Design in your house,flat, shop, cafe, and other space. then You need an Interior Designer or Decorator. but now you are thinking that what should you take an Interior designer or Decorator. well , let me clear one thing. there is no need to be confuse with both option because whether you contact to an Interior Designer or Decorator both are good. but there is important thing here which depends on your budget if you have good budget then you can contact to an interior Designer otherwise you can contact to an interior decorator but an Interior Decorator should be educated and avoid cheap contractor.

Now Consider about 9 tips which helps you in Interior Designing and Decoration


First Important tips Understand and Find

when you think that you should Decorate or you are going to Decorate your commercial or residential interior space then you are so exited because it is interesting thing but you don’t know how to decorate so that you don’t get what you want therefor, before starting your interior first thing is very important that you have to do that ( Understand and find ) first you have to understand and find about Everything Such as about your test, Behavior, your Budget, Texture, Pattern, lighting, interior design Trend etc. when you understand and find about everything properly then all thing will be easy for you in that case  you will not get any problem.

Second Important Thing Planning and Designing

It is said that if you don’t make a plan for your goal then work will be so hard to do so planning and Designing is very important in all work but in Interior designing it is the main part to Give and make Aesthetically. if you make a plan and design for each things then work will be easy to do. make a plan for budget, material, Designing, Furniture Designing, color scheme etc. you should make a Plan for each bedroom, kitchen, and Bathroom before starting your work. you may make 2d or 3d Plan but you must make. you should make Design of wall, ceiling, bed, wardrobe, kitchen, and other thing. you must see your interior design by 2D plan or 3D plan  before build.


Third Important Thing (Material Selection)

There are two types of Material selection in Interior Designing and decoration Which create a complete object after joining each other then an object attractive and look aesthetic.

(Raw Material and Finishing Material)

which Material is used to create object it is called Raw Material such as Wood, Ply Board, MDF  board, Aluminium, Glass, stainless steel, PVC, Iron, mid steel, Copper, Fabric etc.  which material is used for finishing it is called finishing material such as paint, polish, Sun mica, PVC sheet, UV sheet, Wallpaper, Glass laminate, pop, etc all these common material is used in interior designing and decoration so when you start your work select material which should be strong , beautiful, and  affordable. which material can be good for your design consider with your Designer or Decorator.


Forth Important thing (Texture)

Any object is recognized by its texture which show the character of object. there are two type of texture. (Smooth texture and rough texture) smooth texture reflect the light while rough texture absorb the light where to use rough texture and smooth texture. we should use smooth texture in small room while rough texture cab be used in large rooms. texture can be used on wall, ceiling, furniture, in curtain, sofa etc.

fifth Important Thing (Pattern)

Any room will look dull without any pattern in interior Designing therefore pattern is used to give artistic form. use right and attractive pattern and make scenic your interior design. …

there are three types of pattern in interior designing.

Naturalistic motifs

Stylish motifs

Geometrical motifs

Naturalistic motifs- its look like picture of flower, animal, trees, fruits, and scenes.

Stylish motifs – which depends upon the material as well as purpose of the article ferns and leaves are the most commonly used pattern models for fabric and other decorative article .

Geometrical motifs- Which are based on forms of circle, triangle, rectangle, ellipse, dot, strips, and checks are most commonly seen in interior designing. so if you don’t want to go with texture then you can use one of these.


Sixth Important Thing (Contrast)

Contrast is a combination of color, texture, and pattern that is create a multiple form and make Dynamic  Design. when you make a Design by using two color, texture, pattern or more than two  then it is considered Contrast Design. its no so use Because the person has color knowledge that can easily create the best Contrast Design other wise you may lose your material. way to create Contrast design use dark color with light, bright with dull, print with plain, texture with print, flower with texture etc


Seventh Important Thing (Artificial Lighting)

Artificial light is an art and utilitarian element. it has become common in interior designing lack of natural light.  Light is closely related to color and texture. when you use  Light color with smooth texture then it reflect and when you use dark color with rough texture it absorb light  therefore more light requirement in that case. Always remember that if you create your whole interior completely but you didn’t use artificial light properly in your whole interior Design then you will not get attractive form because Artificial Light is very supportable to make aesthetic your interior Design. there are three common color in artificial lighting (white  color, warm white, yellow).

how and where to use artificial light. use artificial light in ceiling, wall, on the table, and corner


Eighth Important Thing  (Color Palette)

As you all know that color is integral part in interior Designing and decoration which it make more aesthetic of interior design so after planing, designing, material selection, and set texture. you need which is very important part, select right color and set color palette. i know that some people make a big mistake what color they like that one use in interior designing but after using it they will not get perfect and dynamic look sometimes. so don’t use the color what you like but use according to design, concept, environment, pattern, and texture. you can see images for color palette ideas, for color combination. there are lots of images available on social media or you can see with your designer or decorator. always remember a careful and thoughtful color is very essential for attractive interior Designing.


Ninth important Thing Decorative items

there is wide range of decorative item in interior design that is used to make gorgeous form and fill empty space. use decorative items which provide aesthetic look in your interior Design. you may use Decorative mirror on wall there are lots of mirror available in the market and you may use painting, wall decorative light, table lamp, wall clock, flower pot, chandelier, Ms stand, wall plate etc

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