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we are going to tell you about modular kitchen step by step. you will get and know about modular kitchen after reading this post. therefore please read completely it. it will help you and provide knowledge about kitchen then you can get your kitchen made  easily.


What is modular kitchen?

Modular Kitchen is the Main House of our Women in a House. Where She Loves to work most. Where She Prepares the Food for her Family. The Modular Kitchen is found mostly in residential and commercial space. A House can not build without a Kitchen. it is known with its modern style such as Cabinets, Microwave Oven, Sink. Kitchen Chimney, Stove, Refrigerator,Dishwasher, and Modular Fitting or Hardware as Cutlery Tray, Bottle Pull out, Grain Trolley, Wicker Basket. Magic Corner Unit or Corner Unit, Plate and Bowl Holder, Tall unit, Spice Rack, Chopping Board, Detergent Holder, Drawer system, and shutter. These Things is Used to Make a Perfect Modular Kitchen. 

How to start to build the Modular Kitchen.

When we ready to make a modular kitchen then it is the most important thing that ( how to start) but does not worry we will tell you in this article. there is some important rule follow it.

First contact with the best person who should be perfect in the modular kitchen. he/she can be an Interior Designer or a Decorator but should be experienced Holder. and then make a layout according to space. a layout is mostly made according to your space. it is mostly made in L shape Design, U shape Design, straight Shape,and Parallel Shape. a layout of a kitchen can be made  in 2d Drawing or 3d Drawing. it depends on your understanding which one is best for you. but before build it.  you must make a drawing. and then you have to select your material. there are three types of material which u have to select. Raw material, finishing material, and Hardware. you may select ply, board, and PVC Board for Raw Material and for finishing Material you may select sun mica, acrylic sheet, UV sheet, PU Polish, and lacquered glass. after that you have to select hardware for your Modular Kitchen.there are lots of company in Hardware such as Hettich, Inox, Hafele, Signature, and Godrej etc. so You May select any of these company for your kitchen Hardware and than you have to get it started with perfect person. so friends, this is the simpale way which will help you to build your kitchen.


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